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My main objective in coaching is to build young ladies with a positive attitude about themselves and develop in them a feeling of self-confidence.  There are many sacrifices one has to make while being an athlete.  I feel that responsibilities, along with respect for authority, the working together as a team and striving for goals all help to make those athletes better players and more importantly, better people for our community. 

Program goals and objectives:

  1. To give each girl the opportunity to become the best player they can be.
  2. For them to have an enjoyable softball experience.


I have never seen an individual, organization or athletic team succeed without discipline.  Discipline will win the close games for you.  It will keep a team together and provide a base for unity.   

My coaching will be based on an open-door policy, concerning player-coach relationships.  An explanation will be given for any attitudes that I may have.  Communication is very important in life and in my coaching philosophy. 

All players will be treated like young ladies.  I will expect my players to conduct themselves as ladies at all times and in a manner that will reflect upon them, their teammates, their family and their school.  Athletes are special people.  They won’t expect something for nothing, because they know that anything worthwhile takes hard work and discipline to achieve.  Athletic teams that have togetherness will win, disciplined minds and bodies will make winning possible. 


Coaches and players must have pride and be proud of their achievements, team success and the reputation of their school.  They may represent the only contact that many people have with their school and must make it a positive one.
  1. IF you miss two practices UNEXCUSED you will be removed from the team.
  2. IF you miss a  game UNEXCUSED you will be removed from the team.

Drugs and Alcohol

The Huskies Fastpitch team is dedicated to a chemically free player and manager.  We support the policies and principles of the MSHSL and JCC.  Penalties and violations are the same of the MSHSL and Jackson County Central Schools for all sports.


Any major decisions are made by the coaching staff, captains and the entire team if necessary, with consultation of the Athletic Director.  I will honor the new policies of the JCC School system, • Player to coach, • Coach to player , • Player & parent & coach, • Player & parent & coach & AD.  Please discuss this with your parents. 


  1. Varsity players must play in at least half the Varsity games.
  2. Any softball player, scholastically ineligible or in violation of MSHSL rules, cannot letter.
  3. any senior, who has been out for softball for all three seasons and in good standing, will letter.
  4. Any manager who has given a good year of service to the team will letter.
  5. Any injured player may letter if she continues to attend practices and games and helps in any way possible.
  6. A letter may be awarded at the discretion of the coach.


  1. All players are expected to attend practices and be on time.  If unable to attend, contact the head coach.  I plan practices around you.
  2. All injured players are expected to be at practice if they are in school. 
  3. A student must be in school a half a day to attend practice.
  4. Any absence from a practice may limit playing time for the next game at the discretion of the coach.


  1. Students must be in school the entire day of a game.  Unless approved by the coach and AD.
  2. Players must be on time dressed and ready for the game.
  3. Support your team if you are not playing
  4. Be on time for away games, we wait for no one.
  5. Players are expected to ride to the games and home from the games on the bus.  Remember we win as a team and loose as a team.
  6. Players may ride with parents when needed, but must talk to the coach before hand.


  1. Players are expected to leave the field, dugout, etc as clean a condition as what they found it. 
  2. A phone will be available for use on return to Jackson or Lakefield.  A coach will wait unless all players have left.  Please be prompt.





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